The big concert for Notre-Dame de Paris will take place at Les Invalides

The big concert scheduled for Saturday night on France 2 for the benefit of the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris will be broadcast from the courtyard of the Invalides, with the participation of many artists and several music groups of Radio France, said the channel Friday.

Presented by Stefan Bern and Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, this great evening will mix song, variety, classical music and calls for donations for the reconstruction of the cathedral, ravaged Monday by a terrible fire.

France 2 said that this symphonic concert would be broadcast from 9 pm, from the Invalides Court in Paris, and a non-exhaustive list of artists who will take part in it was broadcast.

It includes the current troupe of the musical “Notre-Dame de Paris”, Pretty Yende, Benabar, Vincent Niclo, Julie Fuchs, Gautier Capuçon, Jakub Joseph, Orlinsky and the little singers at the Croix de bois. But also Anggun, Chimène Badi, Angélique Kidjo, Mireille Mathieu, Slimane or Laurent Voulzy.

In addition, several Radio France musical groups will participate in the event: the National Orchestra of France, the Master and the Chorus of Radio France.

On the classical side, the evening will naturally give a large place to sacred music, including two pieces of the Passion according to Saint Mathieu (famous oratorio of Bach), and works by Handel or Mozart, told AFP Michel Orier, director of music at Radio France. The opportunity to discover or rediscover great works of the repertoire.

“There will be classic pieces of immediate sensitivity, which will affect everyone, whether you are a music lover or not,” he says.

An evening which will testify according to him of “the solidarity of a whole community of artists mobilized around this issue”, and the commitment of the audiovisual public service for the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris.