The body of a student missing 18 years ago found in a freezer

Le corps d'une étudiante disparue il y a 18 ans découvert dans un congélateur

The lifeless body of a young woman, missing for 18 years, was found in a freezer in the home of his sister, Mala Subotica, Croatia.

Jasmina Dominic, 23 years old, had disappeared by 2000. A native of Mala Subotica, it was at the time a student in Zagreb.

The strange thing is, his family reported his disappearance in 2015, five years later.

The father of Jasmina Dominic, who died there a few years, had said in 2011 that his daughter had told him in 2000 that she would go to work on a cruise ship and she also had to go to live in Paris.

The sister of the victim, 45-year-old was arrested and placed in police custody. It is in her home, where she lives with her husband and 3 children, that the corpse of Jasmina has been discovered.

An autopsy will be performed in the coming days. The trail of the murder is preferred.