The Box: When freedom rhymes with stability

For a long time, we had the impression that the band The Box was the business of one man, the singer Jean-Marc Pisapia. For the last 14 years, he has worked with the same musicians, people who master the repertoire so well, especially the heroic period of the second half of the 1980s, that the shows give him more pleasure than before.
“When you have good material, including old successes, we make a space of freedom that is due to the fact that we do not need to think of anything. We just have fun because on stage, it feels like home, “said Jean-Marc Pisapia a few days ago, thanks to a telephone interview with The Daily. It is with peace of mind that he and his comrades will be heading to the Chicoutimi Port Zone on August 2nd at 8 pm.

Invited to open for Sylvain Cossette, as part of the International Rhythms of the World Festival, they will have an hour, perhaps a little more, to show why the 1980s are not just extravagant haircuts. The fans of the first hour know it and more and more, the word happens within the millennial.

“A few days ago, in Shawinigan, I saw eight- and nine-year-old boys who were accompanied by their parents. I could have been their grandfather, but I learned that they were brought up by listening to our ” tunes ”. We also feel the impact of our participation in the Star Académie program in 2012. It was inevitable, “says the singer.

Another consequence of the cohesion of the group, new pieces have emerged. All participated in the creation of an EP in 2018, which marked the return to the sound of the first time. In parallel, the musicians have tamed some compositions from the album Black Dog There, released in 2005. Some have successfully completed their baptism of the stage, including Hell On Earth and So Beautiful, as they have been integrated into the regular rotation.

“It is always a great mystery, the reception that the public reserves for songs. There are some good ones that do not work and it’s not long before we notice it, the veteran notes. People have their eyes wide open. There are some who yawn when interpreted. Others, on the other hand, work right away. In Hell On Earth, we take the opportunity to give the keyboardist a solo, while So Beautiful opens the door to a guitar solo. ”

Still, the tubes that ensure the longevity of The Box remain Closer Together, The Dumoutier Affair, Ordinary People and Temptation, among others. Their imprint on the collective memory remains so strong that the group is also solicited in English Canada as in its province of origin. “Since hiring a Toronto agent about 10 years ago, it’s working well in Ontario, as well as in the West. We reserve even a year in advance, “marvels Jean-Marc Pisapia.

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