The Brazilian got on the spikes and bit six poisonous snakes (video)

Бразилец встал на шипы и укусил шесть ядовитых змей (видео)

The Brazilian was Arrival Duarte showed a dangerous stunt with poisonous snakes, to draw attention to the scale felling of trees in the Amazon jungle. The video captured the man, drew the attention of the newspaper the Daily Mail.

On the video, the conservationist, known under the pseudonym Ninja snakes, shows how you can safely put it in your mouth a few poisonous rattlesnakes. The man pulls out a glass container one reptile with the help of a special stick with a hook at the end. Then he slams her head on the forked end of the stick and puts the reptile between the thumb and forefinger feet. Duarte wraps the tail of the reptile with tape and leaves a small edge of the tape.

Then Duarte retrieves from a drawer another five reptiles. He puts on hand protective glove and takes all the reptiles tails. After the Ninja snakes barefoot climbs on a small platform with spikes and puts all the reptiles in his mouth, holding their teeth. Then the Brazilian puts snakes on his head.

The man hopes the video will draw attention to an environmental problem in the region. In the Amazon jungle is home to approximately 10 percent of all known species of living organisms. While every minute in the region cut down about 200 trees. If logging continues at the same pace, then by 2030 trees in the Amazon will remain.