The British want to ease the process of divorce

Британцам хотят облегчить процесс развода

The revision of laws related to divorce proceedings began in the UK, with the aim to facilitate and simplify this process.The UK government has made a proposal to enshrine in law the country’s divorces “no-fault” and make changes, facilitating the legal procedures of divorce.

“The British government proposes to introduce a no-fault divorce and make other changes to facilitate the procedure of divorce of couples”, – stated in the message. Justice Minister David Gauke has started the consultation process on the revision of the laws, which, he said, was “not associated with modern life.”

“When a relationship ends, it is wrong for the law to be created or increased conflict between divorced couples. That’s why we eliminate the archaic requirement to admit guilt or show evidence of separation”, he said. Under the proposals, spouses will no longer be able to challenge the petition for divorce made by their partner. Evaluation of public opinion about the proposal are given 12 weeks of consultation.

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