The Briton won the lottery of £10 million and all squandered

Британец выиграл в лотерею £10 млн и все прокутил

A UK resident Michael Carroll, who in 2002 won the lottery of £10 million, and spent all the money for 10 years. This writes The Sun.

“I have no house, no car. But I don’t regret it. Easy come, easy go,” — said the 35-year-old man.

After Carroll won the money, as a 19-year-old young man, he started “breaking bad” — staged a wild party with drugs in a huge mansion. In an interview, he boasted that daily spends of £10 thousand, and slept with 4 thousand women.

Now the Briton earning a living in heavy physical labor: chopping wood and carry bags of coal that are sold at gas stations. He moved to Scotland to start a new life. While Carroll still plays the lottery.

In response to the question of what it is to lose all the money, the Briton says, “you never lost them, and spent”.

“Life is not just money. It sounds absolutely crazy, but I’ve never been happier than since I returned to work,” concluded the former millionaire.