The burkini to the aquaclub: Bertrand denounces the infringement of “secularism”

Le burkini à l'aquaclub: Bertrand dénonce une atteinte à "la laïcité"

The wearing of the burkini is now allowed in an aquatic center, Fort-Mahon (Sum), decision on request of the public Defender of rights to put an end to “discrimination”, but denounced as a blow to “secularism” by the president of the region, Xavier Bertrand.

Confirming information of the Courier Picard, Stéphane Hausselier, the president of the syndicat mixte Baie de Somme-Grand littoral picard, who manages the facility said Thursday evening AFP that this bathing suit was now accepted.

This decision, on the request of the public Defender of rights, Jacques Toubon, to allow women to attend the aquaclub Belle Dune with these outfits of bath islamic covering of the hair and the body has caused a public outcry, the president of the region Hauts-de-France, Xavier Bertrand (ex-LR), seeing it as including infringement of “secularism”.

“Xavier Bertrand told me this evening that our decision was contrary to the charter of secularism laid down by the region. I was told that the wearing of the burkini was authorized elsewhere… maybe did not we measured what we did and that we took a decision too quickly. If we made a mistake and that it is necessary to make the coaster, I’ll do it naturally”, said Mr. Hausselier, who is also a consultant departmental various right (ex-RL) of the Sum.

He announced to the AFP that it would meet on Friday afternoon in the office of the union joint, if any, return on this permission of the burkini, “decided after Mr. Toubon warned us against religious discrimination”.

In August 2016, two clients were denied access in a burkini to the aquatic centre, for reasons of hygiene. Believed to have been the victim of “discrimination based on religion”, one of them grabbed the human rights Defender, which gave him reason.

“It is forbidden to bathe, dressed, for reasons of hygiene, but it would be possible to do so for religious reasons. Are we naive to this point ? Let’s reward the good sense and respect -without equivocation – secularism, equality, and all our laws republican”, reacted on Twitter Xavier Bertrand.

The regional consultant national Gathering, Patricia Chagnon, has launched a petition for the ” syndicat mixte “reverse his position”.

“I didn’t think that with our decision, we’re going to be exposed to such reactions. I’m still naive…”, regretted Mr Hausselier.

At the beginning of march, a controversy has forced Decathlon to forgo marketing in France of the hijab sport.