The bypassed Saturn Jupiter number of moons and has become a leader in Solar system

Сатурн обошел Юпитер по количеству лун и стал лидером в Солнечной системе

After opening 20 new small moons of Saturn, a gas giant officially recognized the record for the number of natural satellites in the Solar system. He beat his main rival, Jupiter, which has always been considered first in this matter.

Hawaii Subaru telescope has allowed American astronomers to find 20 previously unknown moons in orbit around Saturn. Now there are only 82 – 3 more than Jupiter. All the satellites are very small, less than 5 km in diameter. 17 of them have retrograde orbits, meaning that they rotate in opposite of the turnover of the planet side.

“Their study will help us determine how it formed and evolved planets of the Solar system,” the presenter said Scott Sheppard (Scott Sheppard) from the Carnegie institution for science in Washington.