The “caliphate” of the ARS are totally eliminated (force antijihadistes)

Le "califat" de l'EI totalement éliminé (force antijihadistes)

The “caliphate” self-proclaimed group islamic State (EI) has been completely eliminated after the conquest by a force of arab-kurd supported by the United States in the last territory held by the jihadists in Syria, has announced this force.

“The democratic Forces in syria (FDS) reported the total elimination of the so-called caliphate and defeat territorial to 100% of AR,” said a spokesperson of the SDS, Mustefa Bali in a press release.

At the end of months of fighting, the FDS were able to grab the last positions jihadists in Baghouz, a village in the east of Syria, near the iraqi border. The fights have been very violent in the face of the last diehards of the ARS, stated this spokesperson, but the FDS have now raised their flag on Baghouz to celebrate their victory.

At its peak in 2014, the ir controlled a territory as large as Britain in Iraq and Syria. The organization responsible for atrocities and murderous attacks, including in Europe, had imposed a reign of terror.