The “caliphate” of the EI will be eliminated after the loss of his last stronghold in Syria

Le "califat" de l'EI éliminé après la perte de son dernier fief en Syrie

The “caliphate” self-proclaimed by the united jihadi the most feared in the world was eliminated by the forces of arab-kurd supported by the United States, after the conquest, Saturday, of the last territory held by the group islamic State (EI) in Syria.

To celebrate the victory of the combatants of the democratic Forces in syria (FDS), the spearhead of the fight antijihadistes in the Syria war, have hoisted their yellow flag in the village conquered Baghouz where the last of the jihadists had desperately resisted.

To the ground, a few metres from the river, a black flag of the AES git was even with the ground, caught in the dried out branches, according to a team of AFP on the spot.

Near Baghouz, of the combatants of the FDS, dominated by the Kurds, have also been dancing the dabké, traditional dance.

The loss in its entirety of this last pocket in the east of Syria, near the iraqi border, a sign that the end region of the ARS in Syria, after its defeat in Iraq neighbor in 2017.

After seizing large areas in Syria and Iraq, the ir was proclaimed in June 2014, a “caliphate” over a territory as large as the United Kingdom, establishing their own administration and collecting of taxes prior to launch a propaganda campaign to attract foreign recruits.

But the organization jihadi the most brutal in modern history there had also imposed a reign of terror: beheadings, mass executions, kidnappings and rape…. Not counting the kidnappings of foreigners and deadly attacks claimed by Syria, in other arab countries or asian and even in the West, as well as the destruction of archaeological treasures.

This victory was proclaimed after a last military campaign of six months is a milestone in the fight against jihadist movements in the world.

“The FDS will announce the total elimination of the so-called caliphate and defeat territorial to 100% of AR,” said a spokesperson of the SDS, Mustefa Bali in a press release.

The fighting, according to him, have been very violent in the face of the last diehards of the AR that were ultimately cornered in a small strip of territory on the edge of the river Euphrates, in the province of Deir ez-zor.

– Trenches, tents and stoves –

There was only a “hill controlled by the AR,” said another manager of the FDS.

At the foot of a hill, the remains of a makeshift camp where were hiding the jihadists are still visible.

Beaten by the wind, in the middle of the skeletons of cars charred, sheets, carpeting, jutes, or thick blankets, stretched on iron branches or shrubs, were office of the tents. Some hide deep trenches. There are cooking pots, plastic bowls, a stove for heating the same, and torn clothes stuck in the branches of shrubs dried up.

Fighters of the FDS, the bottom of the face, sometimes hidden by a scarf, are stationed on the roofs of buildings.

The last of the jihadists were hiding in underground tunnels and cellars, according to the Observatory syrian Human rights (OSDH).

The final assault by the FDS against Baghouz, which was launched in early February, is the final phase of a transaction triggered by September 2018 in order to remove the EI of the last areas under its control in Syria.

The military campaign, supported in the air by the international coalition supported by the United States has been slowed by the exit of the enclave of tens of thousands of people, including thousands of jihadists who have travelled and their families.

Since January, more than 67,000 people have left the pocket of the AR, of which 5,000 jihadists arrested after they surrendered, according to the FDS. The civilians among them, for most families of jihadists, have been transferred in camps mainly in the Al-Hol (north-east) where they live in difficult conditions.

The repatriation of jihadists or their families is still debated, in particular within the western countries.

More than 750 fighters of the FDS died in six months of fighting and almost double that of jihadists, according to the OSDH.

Friday night, the White House was immediately announced that the “caliphate territorial of the AR was eliminated in Syria,” but the FDS had then pointed out that the fighting continued.

– “Caliphate ” virtual” –

A few hours before the announcement of his defeat, the AR was in a video called his supporters to resist and to conduct attacks against “enemies” in the West.

In the past two years, the AES has seen its “caliphate” is reduced like skin of sorrow, with the multiplication of attacks against areas under its control.

But after the territorial losses of the combatants of the ARS remain scattered in the desert, stretching from central Syria up to the iraqi border, as well as in desert areas on the other side of the border, in Iraq.

Sleeper cells also manage to carry out deadly attacks, say experts according to whom the reaction has already begun its shift in clandestine organization.

Other analysts believe that the catalogue barbaric videos of executions of the ir will continue even after the elimination of the “caliphate” to haunt the imagination in the world, and to serve as a model for terror.

The battle against the ir was the main front in the war in Syria that has claimed more than 370.000 deaths since march 2011, the regime of Bashar al-Assad, supported by Russia and Iran, having reconquered nearly two-thirds of the country.

This war, triggered by the repression of protests, pro-democracy, has become increasingly complex over the years with the involvement of foreign powers and groups as jihadists.