The canadian economy added 54 000 jobs in July (PHOTOS)

Канадская экономика добавила 54 000 рабочих мест в июле (ФОТО)

The canadian economy added nearly 54,000 new jobs last month, causing the unemployment rate fell two-tenths per cent and 5.8 per cent.
Provided by statistics Canada reported Friday that the economy added 82 000 jobs, part-time, but this figure was offset by the loss of 28 000 full-time posts.

The public sector added 49 600 new jobs, while the private sector added 5,200 positions. Most of these places is accounted for by Ontario, which had created 61 000 jobs.

Data for July indicate that over the last 12 months Canada has added 246 000 jobs, of which 211 000 for a full day.

“We have reduced the number of unemployed and a growing number of workers – both of these features speak about a strong healthy economy,” said economist at Toronto-Dominion Bank Brian Departo.

But there is one demographic group for which the reduction of places part-time looks very unattractive students. This category will include young people aged 15 to 24. The statistical service of Canada conducted a study of employment of students during summer months and found that this year 67 000 fewer young people were able to find summer jobs. The unemployment rate for young people now is 12.8%.

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