The captured commander of the Ukrainian boat “Berdyansk” issued an ultimatum FSB

Пленный командир украинского катера "Бердянск" выдвинул ультиматум ФСБ

The commander of the boat “Berdyansk” Roman mokryak, which the Russian security services captured in the Kerch Strait on November 25, said today the investigation that requires contact with himself and with his crew as prisoners of war, and that he would not give the Russian authorities any testimony, until his subordinates will not be released. This was announced by Russian lawyer Mokryak Ilya Novikov on his page in Facebook.

“As a commander, he believes that he alone is responsible for what happens on Board, the crew carried out his orders and can not be held responsible” — says Novikov.

Denis Gritsenko. During the interrogation, he denied the accusations of the Russian Federation “illegal border crossing”. Gritsenko pleads not criminal, and considers prisoners of war.

It was also reported that the Russian Federation had violated International humanitarian law in relation to captured in neutral waters of the Black sea, the FSB of the Russian Federation of the Ukrainian sailors. An armed attack on the Ukrainian Russian boats and a tug is a violation of the UN Charter, which provides for only two cases of lawful use of force: when the state uses it for self defense, and in the case that the force applied by the decision of the UN security Council.

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