The car hanging from the bridge, was involved in the filming of the movie (PHOTOS)

Автомобиль, свисающий с моста, оказался задействован в съемках фильма (ФОТО)

After a brief period of confusion, the Toronto police confirmed that the car hanging from the bridge near the Don Valley Parkway this morning − part of the scenery for the film.

On the morning of Wednesday, may 2, Toronto residents noticed a car hanging on a rope from the bridge Millwood Bridge, located South of Don Mills Road.

Initially, the police did not know why the car is such an odd place, but according to their statements, it looked like it was made specially for the film.

In place of the “incidents” just in case sent the ambulance, and one of the lanes on the Don Valley Parkway, leading to the South, blocked the car of the emergency services.

However after 08:00 am law enforcement authorities have confirmed that the car was intended for the film, and although nearby, was on duty police officers, firefighters and ambulance staff in the area to avoid accidents.

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