The causes of fatigue from those who normally sleeps

Названы причины усталости у тех, кто нормально спит

Sleep consists of different processes and stages.

Even after a full eight-hour day can feel tired. Why is this happening? One of the reasons for this fatigue can be an accumulation of stress from daily routine problems, say doctors.

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According to a survey conducted by the mental health Foundation, nearly a third of the earth’s population suffers from a sleep of poor quality because of the experiences associated with work or financial situation. Stress and anxiety caused by this are the common factors of fatigue, scientists say.

“Night’s sleep consists of different processes and stages, each of which involves a long time. The anxiety and stress that a person experiences a day can significantly reduce the level of deep sleep, therefore, affect the structure of sleep in General, not allowing to feel rested,” explained the scientists.

Also significantly affects the feeling of relaxation and fatigue life. For example, the use of alcohol and sweets in the evening often causes poor sleep, which after the whole day will be felt fatigue. According to a study by Columbia University, high blood sugar and saturated fats and low fiber content of the human diet make it a superficial and sensitive, which does not allow the body to fully relax at night and causes fatigue.

In addition, because of physical weakness may be iron deficiency anemia. To check whether there is enough iron in the blood, by passing a special analysis.

Another factor is the poor condition of the intestinal microflora. Scientists say that the beneficial bacteria produce chemical neurotransmitters, which help to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol that negatively affect sleep. If there is not enough bacteria can develop increased anxiety and sleep disturbance.

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