The Chandra telescope went into safe mode

Телескоп Чандра перешел в безопасный режим

According to scientists, this is a temporary problem.

X-ray Observatory Chandra went into safe mode. As reported on the website NASA, the transition of the telescope in safe mode occurred on October 10, at the moment the researchers are trying to figure out the reasons for this, reports the online edition of the with reference to

In this mode, the scientific instruments of the Observatory off run standby critical systems, the solar panels unfold to the Sun so as to produce the maximum amount of energy. Scientists emphasize that the situation is not critical and will not prevent the further work of the Observatory.

According to experts, the problem may be related to the gyro telescope, but the final conclusions about the causes of the transition in a safe mode they will do after the scan completes.

At the moment the age of Chandra is 19 years, although initially its mission was designed to five. In 2001, NASA has extended the mission of the telescope for another 10 years, but it is expected that he will be able to work much longer.

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