The cheapest gasoline in the country where people don’t go massively into cars

Самый дешевый бензин в той стране, где люди не ездят массово на автомобилях

The cheapest gasoline is sold in Venezuela. A liter of fuel is 20 times cheaper than a bottle of mineral water is $0.01.

Low price attributed to the fact that Venezuela is one of the largest suppliers of oil in the world. In addition, the state pays for the budget of $12 million a year in subsidies to keep the price of fuel, writes Bloomberg.

On average, a liter of gasoline in the world is worth $1.8. The truth is most countries buying fuel cheaper. So, in Iran, a liter of gasoline costs $0.14, Kuwait – $0,35, Nigeria – $0,41, Egypt – $0,43.

The most expensive gasoline is in Israel – us $1.66, Denmark – $1.7 m, the Netherlands of $1.71, Greece – $1,72, Italy – us $1.74 and Norway – $1,82.

In some countries, petrol is cheap, but hard to get. For example, Pakistan ranked 10th on the cost of fuel, but the latter according to his availability.

The rating includes 61 countries. However there is no Ukraine. On average, a liter of petrol at domestic filling stations worth us $1.2.