The chief of police made a fatal accident (photos)

Полицейский начальник устроил смертельное ДТП (фото)

On the evening of 21 February on the road in the Country near the village of luck has faced the car Chevrolеt Aveo, passenger car Mercеdеs-124 and minibus “Bogdan”.

According to local media reports, the culprit of the accident was a former head of criminal investigation of luck.

The press service of the police reported that the accident killed 44-year-old driver Chevrolеt and his 32-year-old passenger. Her 9-year-old daughter was in intensive care Vinnytsia oblast children’s clinical hospital.

Полицейский начальник устроил смертельное ДТП (фото)

Driving the bus “Bogdan” was a 58-year-old resident of Lutsk, who was not injured.

Another participant of the accident 45 – year-old driver Mercеdеs-124 – detained according to article 208 of the Criminal procedure code. The man was in an alcohol intoxication.

Edition Volyn news writes that the detainee – a former police officer Gennady Epifanov.

Полицейский начальник устроил смертельное ДТП (фото)

Her husband died in an accident woman said that she and her daughter drove from Lutsk in the direction Kivertsi. In the village of Country near the top of the bridge, the driver stopped to miss an oncoming bus and make a left turn.

At this point, back in the car crashed Mercedes Epifanova. Chevrolеt was thrown into the oncoming lane under the bus.

Epigenomic worked in law enforcement in July of 2016, he resigned from the post of chief of the criminal investigation Department of UMVD of Ukraine in the Volyn region.