The City of Montreal will be able to evaluate the two dogs “at risk”

The owner of two dogs considered “at risk” will have to evaluate their behavior, even if he considers that the incident occurred in the vestibule of a residential building in Anjou was not serious, and that he does not understand why the case ended up before a judge.

“There was no bite!”, Defended Mohamed Taleb, the owner of American Bully beasts, pleading his case with Judge Yves Poirier, Thursday morning at the Courthouse in Montreal.

“Why do I have to come here, why are there media next to me?”

“It happened very sad events, regrettable, deaths in recent years,” explained the judge. “Currently, all the steps related to the framing of animals that are considered dangerous, it attracts the public eye. People want information on these issues. ”

He was referring in particular to the death of Christiane Vadnais, killed in June 2016 by her neighbor’s pit bull, in her yard at Pointe-aux-Trembles, and other attacks by dogs that have injured several people in recent years.

The judge of the Superior Court had just authorized the City of Montreal to seize the two dogs, Boogie and Beamer, because their master did not show up at the two appointments set to have their danger assessed by an expert.

The animal control officers even got the right to enter Mohamed Taleb’s apartment by their own means to capture the animals, if their master did not collaborate.

This assessment was deemed necessary following an incident last January in the entrance to Mr. Taleb’s six-unit block with his animals.

One of the dogs bit the pants of the owner of the building, who complained to the municipal authorities.

Other tenants in the building also reportedly complained about the aggressive behavior of the animals.

“The owner approached my wife, he went straight to her,” said Mohamed Taleb. The vestibule is very small. But the dog was not going to bite. ”

After a first visit, following the incident, an animal control worker felt that the dogs needed to be evaluated by an expert to ensure the safety of the public.

Their teacher says that he accepts the evaluation, but the proposed dates did not suit him and he was unable to get a new appointment.

Mohamed Taleb was impatient in the courtroom, accusing the owner of the building for lying. He arrived late at the courthouse, after the judgment was pronounced, but the judge still allowed him to put forward his arguments. “I am a young man of 32, do you think I have time for that?” He said. “It’s too much for me, Judge, I’m really sorry.”

“We’re not accusing you of anything, it’s an administrative procedure,” said Judge Poirier. There may have been misunderstandings. But if you agree to examine the behavior of dogs, we will get along well. ”