The controversial fast food in Kyiv House of trade unions to resume work

Скандальный фаст-фуд в киевском Доме профсоюзов возобновит работу

Fast food restaurant KFC is located in the trade unions Building in the center of Kiev, will not stop their work. In December, after the repair network the school will re-open its doors to visitors.

We will remind, on the fifth anniversary of the Euromaidan on Khreshchatyk were again protests against the opening of a renovated House of trade unions catering establishments.

Now that the anniversary of the revolution of Dignity tried to destroy the radical group, is undergoing renovations. KFC glass curtained building protective cloth, signs closed black cloth. Central door café closed, but inside there are working security.

As reported “Vesti”, referring to the words of one of the workers, the restaurant are going to open on Monday, December 17.

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