The conveyor of the funds disappeared with 3 million euros arrested in Amiens

Le convoyeur de fonds disparu avec 3 millions d'euros interpellé à Amiens

The conveyor of the funds disappeared Monday in Aubervilliers, with 3.4 million euros, was arrested Tuesday in Amiens by the judicial police of Lille.

Adrien Derbez, 27 years old, was arrested in the afternoon in an apartment in the city centre. It was a large part of the loot with him.

Monday, to 6 hours, this employee of the company, Loomis, has filed his two colleagues near to a Western Union office in Aubervilliers, Seine-Saint-Denis.

While the two colleagues entered the agency, he remained at the wheel. On their return, the van had disappeared.

The vehicle was recovered shortly after, a few streets away, the doors open and totally empty.

The suspect was placed in custody. The operations are still ongoing to find possible accomplices.