The corpse of a high school student disappeared at the exit of a nightclub discovered

Le cadavre d'un lycéen disparu à la sortie d'une discothèque découvert

A 17-year-old had been partying on the Saturday evening in a nightclub of Solliès-Pont in the Var. In the night, the high school student has left the night club at the handlebars of his scooter.

His parents, worried not to see him go back home, gave the warning on Sunday morning.

What they did not know, is that the two-wheeler of their child had been discovered in the morning-even on the hard shoulder of the motorway A57.

The scooter was parked normally, the key in the ignition and without apparent trace of shock.

Monday morning, the gendarmes came to the same place on the highway with a dog “tracker”. The latter has led up to the lifeless body of the teenager.

The corpse of the student was lying below the highway, a few tens of meters. An autopsy will be performed to determine the circumstances of the death.

For the moment, the hypothesis of accidental would be preferred. The young man could have been struck by a car after getting off his two-wheeler. The investigation continues.