The creators of the famous series showed a trailer for the new season

Создатели известного сериала показали трейлер нового сезона

Premiere of the new season will be held early next month.

The ninth season will be marked by the fact that after the show leaves the main character, former Sheriff Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln. And Maggie is played by Lauren Cohen, reports the with reference on the Letters.

As suggested by observers, then the creators will bring to the forefront of Daryl’s performed by Norman Reedus, who, according to reports, have significantly raised the fees on this occasion.

However, the axial outline of the story is substantially unlikely to affect: after the defeat of Nigana in the finals the previous season, the characters will not only be trying to build a life, raising the dead trampled by the economy, but still hard to fight with live opponents – in place of one of the enemies will be others.

The premiere of the ninth season of “the Walking”, consisting of sixteen episodes, on 9 October.

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