The cyclist decided to teach him interfering pedestrians

Велосипедист решил проучить мешающих ему пешеходов

The guy decided to engage seriously in the education of Londonersthe London cyclist has come into a frenzy from the fact that pedestrians use the bike lane and block traffic, and decided to take revenge in an unusual way, writes the with reference to Comments.

Instead of the usual call to which people are sluggish, he decided to use an air horn – a special device that creates a loud sound and is usually used for signaling. The action he took video and posted online.

“I’m fed up with the fact that people walk on the bike path. They do not even realize that it interferes with someone. I decided to add a pneumatic mountain to make its presence more noticeable,” wrote the cyclist posted under the video on YouTube.

The video shows how the cyclist attaches the device to the steering wheel and quickly goes on the road to alert people with a loud alarm. Pedestrians in panic and scatter in different directions. However, not all reacted calmly to his outburst. The camera recorded as one of the pedestrians got angry at the actions of the men and tried to beat him.

In the end the guy fight for their rights and the bike path turned into annoying pursuit of the pedestrians and the incessant buzz.

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