The Czech Parliament recognized the fact of the Soviet occupation

Парламент Чехии признал факт советской оккупации

Votes “for” gave 145 of 156 members.

Czech Republic recognized the invasion of the Soviet Union and the countries-participants of the Warsaw Pact in 1968 on the territory of the former Czechoslovakia occupation, according to the with reference to League.News.

The Czech Parliament recognized the invasion and subsequent occupation enter in 1968 in Czechoslovakia, troops of the Soviet Union and of the States parties to the Warsaw Pact. This is stated in the resolution which the Czech Parliament adopted on Wednesday, August 22.

The document was adopted with the aim of avoiding distortion of history. For the decision voted 145 of the 156 MPs present. The rest abstained, but none voted against.

“It is necessary that the proposed resolution was a clear signal to the public. A clear message to the people of other countries, including Russia. A message that says we do not accept reviews that sound lately about the events of 1968, distorting their real meaning,” – said the initiator of the resolution, the Chairman of the faction of the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) Jan Bartoshek.

Prague spring – popular protests against the Soviet influence and the invasion of troops in a period of political liberalization in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Democratization in Czechoslovakia began after the election of the first Secretary of the Communist party of Czechoslovakia Alexander dubček and his reforms, aimed at expanding the rights and freedoms of citizens.

21 August 1968 the Warsaw Pact countries Soviet Union, GDR, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria – invaded Czechoslovakia. After entering the military units of the Prague spring ended.

July 19, Afghan Ambassador to Russia Abdul Kayum Kuchai said that Kabul expects from Russia apologize for the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

Yesterday, August 22, Latvia and Estonia said they will attempt to collect from Russia compensation for the Soviet occupation of their countries.

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