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Датчане создали уникальный велосипед » Хроника мировых событий

A owner bike 13 speed and no chain, the Danish company CeramicSpeed, which manufactures bearings and Bicycle parts, the exhibition Eurobike 2018 presented a working concept of a Bicycle with speed transmission Driven that does not have a chain. The developers claim that the effectiveness of the new transmission is 99 percent.

This was reported on the website of the company, reports the with reference to Comments.

They say that the creation of an updated two-wheeled transport is a type of Bicycle transmission and suggests the possibility of switching speeds. Traction and extract the “star” is made in the form of discs with claws on one of the planes that are evenly distributed along a circle. Traction is the one ring of the performances, but may have several. Exhaust “star” with 13 rings of one of the performances.

The Creator says the drivetrain is designed for transmission of power over a thousand watts. For comparison, during a typical race, the average power developed by veloprovodnikov is about 250 watts. The transmission is Driven through the initial phase of testing. How it will work in the rain and when contaminated will withstand the load changes, is still unknown. Likely, service and transmission repair will be rather complex and expensive due to the need to flush or even change the radial bearings.

However, the use of the official racing bike with transmission Driven probably banned. As the exhaust hooks “stars” can become a serious threat to cyclists during an accident with rotation, it actually turns into a meat grinder.

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At the moment the most common transmission for bicycles there is a chain with one or two shifters. In this embodiment, the powertrain transmission of force from the traction stars on the block star rear wheel is via chain.

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