The daughter kept the decaying body of the mother, to see all the “stages of death”

Дочь хранила разлагающееся тело матери, чтобы увидеть все «этапы смерти»

The daughter kept the decaying body of the mother, to see all the “stages of death”

Author: Katerina Moskalets

Photo: Enfield Police Department

North Carolina United States

Police arrested 69-year-old resident of North Carolina, which are not reported on the death of his mother, wanting to see firsthand all stages of decomposition.

Donna sue Hudgins went to the funeral home to order a memorial service for his mother. The employees seemed suspicious the client’s words that she does not know where the ambulance took away the body of 93-year-old Nellie Mae Hudgins, who died allegedly in the morning.

When the staff of the Bureau was also unable to find the body, they appealed to the law enforcement. On a call there arrived the chief of a Police Department Enfield Tyree Davis, officer Jerry shoemaker and detective Theo Antunes Jr. After talking with Donna sue Hudgins, the police decided to check her house, where he found the “lost” body of the deceased.

The investigation showed that the corpse was in the house for several months. Hudgins admitted to detectives that in the put terms has not betrayed the body of mother earth, because she “was interested to see the stages of death”.

Enfield Woman Concealed Mothers Dead Body for MonthsThe Enfield Police Department has charged Donna Sue Hudgins, 69,…

Posted by Enfield NC Police Department – Chief Tyree Davis on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Donna sue Hudgins was charged with criminal concealment of death. She’s arrested and can be released on bail of $5 thousand. The hearing judge Christopher Kidd was appointed on 7 November.

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