The day without cars in new York: everything you need to know

The day without cars in new York: everything you need to know

Author: Anna Starkova


Manhattan News New York

April 21, in new York will host car free Day is an annual event designed to draw attention to the problems of zagrozenia environment and to be reminded of environmentally friendly modes of transportation, and entertainment.

On Saturday from 9:00 to 15:00 39 blocks of Manhattan block interacts for vehicles. This site will be the venue for the festival, which will present entertainment for pedestrians and free bikes from Citi Bike.

What streets will be closed and when:

  • 30 blocks of Broadway, from Tism square to Union square, zablokirovat for cars from 9:00 to 15:00
  • 9 blocks to St. Nicholas Avenue from 181st to 190th streets, will be closed from 10:00 to 16:00

If you are not ready to give up driving on this day, it is better to avoid the area. Those who do not intend to sit behind the wheel, waiting for the next entertainment and spectacle:

  • Dance classes, yoga classes and fitness in Union square.
  • The installation “the Bunch of Broadway” from Terrain Work – a gigantic bunch of flowers in the middle of the pedestrian zone.
  • Interactive exhibition from the Museum of mathematics the Daisy Plant, which will try to put a giant Daisy in a pot.
  • At Herald square will be held master-classes on rotation of the hula-Hoop, sports salsa and different types of fitness.
  • In the Garment district will be located the Ice Box Challenge, the organizers of which will demonstrate the benefits giperaktiveh buildings.
  • At times square every hour will be held live performances. Also there is planned a bike tour and a three-day dance festival, Project Dance.
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