“The days of Conan the barbarian”: the Governor of the Nikolaev amused knowledge in archaeology

«Времена Конана-варвара»: николаевский губернатор повеселил познаниями в археологии

Alexey Savchenko wished archaeologists more ancient artifacts.

The Chairman of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Savchenko wished archaeologists find mythical Golden Fleece and artifacts of the fictional character Conan the barbarian, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for a New Time.

He said this on the show ancient Greek ritual vessel, which is lifted from the bottom of the kinburnsky braid. The find, archaeologists were presented in Nikolaevsk regional Museum.

“This finding suggests that, maybe, Nikolaev once again prove that it is a historical city. And actually, what happened, it’s not just those times when was Conan, which recalls Arnold Schwarzenegger, our Wild Garden, but also lots that we can show the world. I hope that the next discovery might be something in this crypt, in which was the Golden Fleece, and maybe something else. It has given more tourist appeal of the Nikolaev area”, – said Savchenko.

Found the vessel unique. Archaeologists have dated it to the fifth century BC, belonged to this vessel the Greeks. According to preliminary information, it was intended for the ritual drinking of wine – a special ladle poured a drink for everyone in mass city holidays. So the ancient Greeks showed the unity of the people.

In addition to the vessel in the same place and found the skeleton of a ship on which he was transported. According to assumptions of researchers, this ship could be part of the fleet of Pericles, was carrying wine and oil in Olbia, but on the way crashed. The ship was well preserved, archeologists intend to look for funding to pick it up from the seabed.

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