The dermatologist told about an unusual cause of inflammation of the skin

Дерматолог рассказала о необычной причине воспалений на коже

Enough to pay attention to your diet.Many familiar situation when inflammatory pimples on the face do not pass even after using special cosmetic products: creams, masks, etc. As it turned out, the cause unpleasant inflammation on the skin can be basic dehydration. About this on his instagram page said the cosmetician-the dermatologist Natalia Podkolzina, reports the with reference to RBC.

“You bought the washroom, cream and mask, and pimples still persist, despite earlier promises. You will be surprised, but pimples can be a result of dehydration. Yes, that’s so simple,” says the beautician.

According to Podkolzine when you drink enough water, the sebaceous glands begin to work harder to make up for the lack of moisture. As a result, the skin on the face becomes “fat” and popping pimples.

“Yes, and peeling, and tightness of the skin,” says dermatologist.

To remedy the situation, should daily consume pure water.

“Tea, coffee, soup and mouthwash when brushing your teeth is not considered”, – he joked Podkolzina.

Beautician also recommends that to properly care for the skin of your face.

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