The diplomat mentioned the effective way to deter Putin in the sea of Azov

Дипломат назвал действенный способ сдерживания Путина на Азовском море

Diplomat, expert of the Maidan of foreign Affairs Alexander’hara believes that the real opposition to the Russian aggression could be to stop the construction of the “Nord stream-2”. He said this in comments 24tv.

“If the construction of “Nord stream-2” stop, Russia will have to pay Ukraine for transit of Russian gas to Europe. We will be able the gas to use in the future. If Putin wants to start a large-scale aggression against us, this factor is the transit through Ukraine of gas — it will deter, as this can lead to the cessation of gas supplies to the West. Without the “Nord stream-2″ Russia will not be able to profit from the Germans”, — said the expert.

According to the diplomat, to confront the Kremlin on sea, Ukraine needs to build its own reliable fleet. He stressed that the Ukrainian government has missed time, as did the view that the crisis in the sea of Azov not to notice.

Now the question is whether to build a fleet at our facilities, or in other countries through financial leasing, joint production. It will be followed by the actions of diplomats and representation of international institutions claims to Russia, which causes us damage. And, of course, work with international partners Okaayy.

“The West does not fully understand what is happening,” — said Alexander Jara.

In his opinion, Putin is set to limit the sovereignty of Ukraine, to get to go on his terms. But his ultimate goal, no doubt, is the desire to destroy the Ukrainian state.

As previously reported “FACTS” at a meeting of representatives of the countries of the Normandy Quartet in Berlin, which will be held on December 11, is scheduled to debate the extension of the mandate of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on the Azov sea. This option is monitoring the situation after the capture by the Russians of Ukrainian boats and tugs, offers Germany.

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