The Director of the school along with the gym teacher beat up a police

Директор школы вместе с физруком избили полицейского

In Ivano-Frankivsk region teachers attacked the police with fists: patrol stopped the car at which wheel was the Director of the school, and by the passenger – teacher, after a suggestion from a COP to take a test for alcohol content teachers began to beat the guard, reported Today.

In the result, the policeman was in a hospital bed, and the violent teachers faces severe punishment.

As it turned out, the reason for the stop was the high beams, which interfere with other road users. Immediately after the stop, according to lapel cameras patrol, the driver began to behave aggressively.

“Get out of here. – Show driver’s license. You in what state governs? – Why are you come here, get out of here. – You what state governs? – What, you wonder in what condition I run? Show me the itinerary. Mike, call me,” the following dialogue took place between the driver and the patrol.

After the guards suggested the driver to pass the test for alcohol content, the driver and the passenger attacked the police with fists.

“The fuck you don’t*** you. – Keep your hands off me. BL***, now there will be people. Now I do, BL***, now there will be half of the village. Will x****that is you. I’m in**BU. I am a PE teacher. Son, BL***, you****that is, BL***” – said passengers patrol.

Currently, one of the injured policemen is in the hospital.

“A headbutt to the face on the right side. Fracture of the cheekbone from me. Here the cheekbones inside came,” the victim told patrol Vasily Pavlyuk.

Due to his injuries the policeman has been operated.

“The patient underwent surgery, the straightening of the zygomatic bone. These injuries refer to injuries of medium gravity”, – said the head of the Department of oral and maxillofacial surgery Ivano-Frankivsk regional hospital Ivan Grischuk.

Police identified the attackers as soon as stopped the car behind the wheel was Deputy Tlumach unified community, who also holds the position of Director of the school in the village of Korolivka. His passenger, a teacher of the same educational institution.

“I tried to leave the scene of the offense. Accordingly, the driver tried to stop, so he did not leave the scene of the offense,” said Vasyl Semeniuk, head of the Tlumach police Department.

The driver and passenger of the patrol was arrested and taken There in the police Department, where the driver made the administrative Protocol for traffic violations. Criminal proceedings were opened on charges of causing bodily harm to a police officer, which is punishable by imprisonment for at least three years.