The Director of the school in Florida was fired for Holocaust denial

Директора школы во Флориде уволили за отрицание Холокоста

The Director of the school in Florida said that he could not confirm that the Holocaust was an “actual” event. The school district then fired him.

The former head of the middle school in Boca Raton was dismissed on Wednesday after a series of emails that he sent to parents of students in April 2018 that he questioned the historical truth of the Holocaust.

The school Board of the County of palm beach voted for the dismissal of William Latson (William Latson), the decision shall enter into force on 21 November. According to the statement, school officials, there is “fair reason” for the dismissal of the former Director of the school based on ethical violations, and breach of duty.

“I can’t say that the Holocaust is an actual historical event, because I can’t talk about it as an educator,” wrote Latson.