The director Paul Schrader wants to be Kevin Spacey in his next movie






Director and screenwriter mythical Hollywood, Paul Schrader has blown it with his latest film On the path of redemption. But he may be about to trigger a new controversy.

Paul Schrader has always had the reputation of being an artist uncompromising, featuring a large character, which has often led to the conflict in his career. But it is also this strong personality that allows him to offer us such films as On the path of redemption, which we highly recommend viewing and reading our critique.


Wonderful film


While western civilization appears to be in the first time of a giant challenge, a shake-up of its values and of its operation, while the polemics are born as a new day and that it appears to be excessive, Paul Schrader has decided to put oil on the fire for it to catch on more quickly.

In fact, a few days ago, the writer-director posted a message on Facebook to tell us that he had found his next film, he was great and that he wanted to hire the actor Kevin Spacey :


“Looks like he defends my talent”


“I was sent a scenario yesterday. A script very, very good, which requires that Kevin Spacey is the hero. I told the producer that I was going to achieve it if we would go with Kevin Spacey. He told me that it was impossible. I firmly believe that there are crimes in life. But there is no crime in art. Spacey must be punished for each of the crimes he has committed in his life. But not in the world of art. punish him as an artist does is weaken the item The art, it is a crime. Put who you want in prison, but don’t censor their art.”

A message to the good taste of sulphur, which was quickly deleted from the social network as we imagine it. The problem is that this simple statement could bring harm to Schrader for his selection to the Oscars, Hollywood and the Academy are not known for their measured reactions at this time.


Kevin Spacey, also on the path of redemption ?


It is pointed out that Kevin Spacey was the other big scandal of the past year, just after Harvey Weinstein. That his accusations of sexual abuse, racism and other unacceptable behaviour led him to be kicked out of House of Cards, All the money in the world and has severely impacted his career, to stay polite.

Nevertheless, Paul Schrader brings an interesting perspective. The question of the art is the same as incessantly, and there is a clear need to think about that. Should we censor an actor or a director because he has a bad behavior in private life ? Is it that art and life are not two separate things ? Wide-ranging discussion.


“- The latest season of House of Cards was missed Kevin – Yes, I know, I was not in it”

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