The doctor explained why you can’t feed a child under cartoons

Врач объяснил, почему нельзя кормить ребенка под мультики

A child should never be hungry.You must do everything possible to feed the “nehochu” unloved by him, but very “useful” porridge or soup. Some are used as “bait” for the child – TV. For example, while watching cartoons kid widely opens a mouth and eats up every last spoon. But useful if such a method of feeding the baby and can it be used, tell famous Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski, reports the with reference to

First, young children are not aware of anything happening on the “blue” screens, it is only light and sound stimulus. That is why the baby “inadequate” from the point of view of the family, responds to broadcast: where cry – laughing and Vice versa. Although almost all kids like ads.

Secondly, watching television has a negative impact on the vision, namely: decreasing the sharpness, the movement of the eyeballs, changes in the size of the pupils and color vision.

Third, the proven harmful effects of TV on children’s brains. So, some studies have shown that a flickering image that can even trigger a child’s seizure activity. For a long period of watching TV = sedentary lifestyle that children is unacceptable. During the period of bone development, the child must be of high physical activity: more recommended to run and jump. Baby, “loving” cartoons, has limited movement, and hence less developed physically.

From a pedagogical point of view depending on the TV the same drug, nicotine and alcohol dependency and is called telemania. Accordingly, over time, the importance of the family for the child is reduced, the television becomes not only a source of information and means of development of the world, and replaces the parents and friends.

The answer of the doctor is simple: “TV and the food is not healthy – ever. Where the family is an eating, the TV should not be at all. The meal is bound to bring pleasure, not duty”. The first thing that draws the attention of the doctor: the child is not looking for food, no appetite, it absorbs the food mechanically. It does not produce gastric juice, and intestinal and bile, promotes digestion of food.

The second, known since long ago the family gathered at the table for a meal to talk: to share plans for Breakfast or to share how the day went. The child is busy watching cartoons while eating, not interested in the world around that leads to a lack of human interaction and warm feelings to loved ones.

Whether the child cartoons? And what? How long they can watch? Such issues Kharkiv pediatrician asked quite often. It all depends on the age, I’m sure Komorowski. To year, often young moms talk about what time to redo all the household chores while the baby lies quietly in a baby swing or sitting in a chair and watching TV. And feed the little one, accustomed to observe the screen easy. Like the leisure of the child – invalid.

Pediatrician generally believed that television for a child’s first year of life – evil, provoking the deterioration of health.

From one year to two years the child does not overcome the two-year milestone, the network is also prohibited.

After two years you can watch TV for longer than 15 minutes a day. At this age, the baby is all happening on the screen takes “at face value” that is displayed negatively on the psyche of an inquisitive toddler.

3 years – 90 minutes a day – the maximum allowed time watching TV three-year period. Best watch cartoons for 20 minutes at a time while mommy has to explain to the child what is happening on the screen. Rescue – special educational cartoons.

4 years and older child of four years can watch TV from half to two hours a day.

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