The doctor gave his seed to a sperm Bank 30 years ago. Today, he has 17 children

Врач отдал свое семя в банк спермы 30 лет назад. Сегодня у него 17 детей

When, in 1989, the student of medical faculty of Oregon has offered to donate sperm, he promised that only five children will be born from him – and all across the country. However, the clinic breached the agreement, and today Dr. Bryce Cleary (Cleary Bryce) is the father of 17 children.

The doctor filed a lawsuit against the sperm Bank for breach of contract, he wants to obtain compensation in the amount of 5.25 million dollars. Dr. Cleary said that University of health and science of Oregon has not adhered to the conditions under which his sperm was able to use only women living on the East coast. But many of his 17 children were born in Oregon, and many of them attended the same school, not knowing about their relationship.

Cleary claims that he was the victim of fraud and suffered from emotional distress after he learned of the birth of such a number of children. “I wanted to help people who are struggling with infertility, and I believed that the clinic will act responsibly and fulfill its promises. It’s distressing to know that I was deceived,” says Cleary.

Cleary himself with his wife is raising 3 sons and a foster daughter. The couple learned about a number of the doctor’s two children, when two of them tried to find the biological father through So was identified the other children.