The doctor told me how to eat properly to recover faster from the flu

Врач рассказал, как правильно питаться, чтобы быстрее выздороветь от гриппа

During the epidemic of influenza and SARS is very important to establish a proper diet to speed recovery. In the acute phase of the disease the appetite may not be, and that’s fine, but in improving the state should focus on protein foods. This was told by a gastroenterologist Lyudmila Fedorchenko in a straight line “FACTS”.

As explained by the gastroenterologist who become ill with influenza, the person may few days nothing is. Appetite is lost due to intoxication. During this period, it is important to drink plenty of liquids.

For two or three days no one dies of hunger, but it is important to drink as much as possible. Drinking plenty of fluids replenishes the loss of fluid, gone with sweat and breath, will help to quickly remove toxins, “—said Fedorchenko.

During convalescence to support the body will help food rich in proteins: “as soon As the condition improves, it is helpful to eat some protein foods, for example, a sandwich with butter and herring. This will help the immune system to quickly deal with the virus particles, because its protective cells are built from protein“.

To necessary for the recovery of protein a person can together with meat, fish products, eggs. “Perfect food for a chilled person — egg protein“—summed up the gastroenterologist.

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