The doctors called the safe daily norm of bread

Врачи назвали безопасную суточную норму хлеба

Doctors told how much bread you can eat for the day.Bread is one of the most “controversial” foods and often from him suggest to give up, or reduce its consumption to the strict minimum. But, according to some experts, healthy people bread should be eaten daily.

The nutritionists unanimously advised not to abandon bread because the product is a healthy source of vitamins and minerals – particularly the b vitamins, vitamin E, iron, magnesium.

Mention what kind of bread is preferable if to proceed from its potential health benefits, doctors noted the following:- If the black a little more vitamins and fiber, white and less likely to cause bloating and heartburn, also useful for regular consumption of whole grain bread.

Whether for bread stout figure? According to experts, there is – provided that the product is not being misused. In the absence of contraindications for health, you can consume up to 300 grams of bread a day, they say.

“To know the quality of the bread, press it with your finger. If much prominaetsya and recovers its shape slowly, in a test of too much baking powder. By the way, is too pronounced bread smell in the Department says that the bread is kept in the wrong conditions,” – said experts.

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