The doctors called unexpected products, life-prolonging, ” the Chronicle of world events

Врачи назвали неожиданные продукты, продлевающие жизнь » Хроника мировых событий

Scientists told about the benefits of chocolate and chips.British nutritionists have called products, consumption of which will help the person feel better and live longer.

Some of these products were canned vegetables that are sealed in their original form and stored as long as possible.

Unexpectedly to healthy food nutritionists have classified the chips and chocolate. From eating these products informed nutritionists advise their patients.

But, experts say, chips from the store can help to provide the body a large part of daily calorie needs. But do not abuse them, as such food is considered unhealthy.

As for chocolate, he is able to delight the sweet tooth a large amount of beta-glucan. This immune-modulator allows to control the level of cholesterol in the blood and activates the immune system during illness.

According to scientists, the ban should be impose on pizza, sausage, bread, margarine and prepared foods

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