The doctors explained what occurs gastritis

Врачи объяснили, от чего возникает гастрит

There are habits that cause this disease.

Diagnosed as “gastritis” is no surprise. This disease is found today every second resident and seems trivial. Even young children sometimes are diagnosed. What can cause gastritis? Says The with reference to 24apteka.

The inability to behave in stressful situations. From gastritis primarily affects irritable, emotional people. They love to “blow up” the conflict situation for a long time to think about it, to “digest”. According to this science, as a psychosomatic cause of gastritis can be prolonged sense of uncertainty in life and suffering from this, the suppression of their emotions and feelings, inability to say “no”, the desire for all to be good to their detriment.

An improper diet. Everyone knows that eating fried, smoked, fatty foods, hot spices and sauces is harmful to health. Any food, irritating the stomach lining can cause gastritis. Follow the diet: meals should be every 3-4 hours in small portions. Do not drink coffee and tea on an empty stomach.

Smoking and overindulgence in alcoholic drinks almost always causes chronic gastritis. The mucous membrane of the stomach is constantly irritated, breaks down its protective barrier and an inflammatory process.

Bad habit to chew food also is one of the primary causes of gastritis, because it disturbs the processes of digestion and the mucous membrane irritated. The result is stomach discomfort, pain, heartburn.

Failure to observe the rules of hygiene. If you do not monitor the cleanliness of hands before meals and bad to wash food before cooking, there is a risk of food poisoning as a result of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

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