The doctors explained why sleeping on stomach is bad

Врачи объяснили, почему спать на животе вредно

This position can cause terrible health problems

Sometimes the main thing in the dream to find a comfortable position and finally fall asleep (if you know what we are), reports the with reference to

But in any case, you better not sleep on my stomach, even if it helps you doze off faster.

While sleeping on the stomach can reduce the risk of snoring and apnea is when you have trouble breathing during sleep – this position can cause terrible health problems that can overtake you not only the night but the next day.

Research conducted by the Mayo clinic show that sleeping on the stomach can lead to back pain.

Back pain is particularly common because this area of our center of gravity and focal point of tension during the erection, extension and lifting weights. And just to keep the back straight is worth the effort that you need to compensate for the rest.

But when you sleep on the abdomen to the spine is harder to relax, and he is bent and under pressure.

Because the spine is associated to many other nerve sites, this posture can affect other parts of the body to cause stress and tension in the neck and joints.

Rishi Louti from the British chiropractic Association said that the pose on the belly – “the worst position in which you sleep”, because the head and neck “the clock is under the corner.” Then it’s just going to lead to muscle pain.

If you are pregnant, you will probably get tired of people who constantly teach, what you can and can’t do, but sleeping on the stomach is not recommended even in the early stages.

A study conducted in 2012, Tomasini Stacy and Edwin Mitchell from the University of Auckland, showed that mother and child better if a pregnant woman sleeps on her side, as it promotes healthy blood flow and ensures that both receive the optimum level of oxygen.

It also gives the child more space.

Equally extra weight a woman carries during pregnancy, means that sleeping on the stomach puts a lot of pressure on the spine and will only exacerbate the feeling of pain in the back, which she most likely is experiencing during pregnancy.

But if you can’t abandon this position, here are a few ideas:

If you sleep on your stomach, try to take very thin pillow, or did refuse. As explained by the surgeon Rocco Monto, thick pillows come in “slightly to move the neck and lead to pain in this part or discomfort in the lower back”.

Also, experts suggest fans to sleep on his stomach to buy a firm mattress that will not SAG and distort the spine.

If you can’t sleep without a pillow, or just recently purchased a new soft mattress, then try to stretch every morning.

Can also go to a yoga class, or from time to time to visit a massage therapist.

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