The doctors explained why tomato juice should be drunk for every woman

Врачи объяснили, почему томатный сок надо пить каждой женщине

Five of the most useful drinks for women.Women’s health and beauty is largely dependent on nutrition. Everything that you put into your body has a huge impact on all tissues and organs.

And if the food is more or less clear, how to improve health with the help of drinks, reports the with reference to Contracts.

In addition to regular clean water that should be drunk in sufficient quantity, add to your diet these drinks. What effect each will have on your body – read our small review.

Green tea with mintGreen tea is a source of many antioxidants that help the body fight the harmful effects of the environment, preserving the beauty and freshness of the first skin. Tea also contains phytoestrogens – plant hormones that normalize female hormonal system and reduce the risk of development of cancer tumors.

Green tea with mint gently soothes and improves sleep, a deep peaceful sleep, as you know, is the key to good appearance and moderate appetite. Mint also improves digestion and boosts metabolism. She is able to act as a mild pain reliever and a way to reduce anxiety and irritability.

CocoaCocoa raise your immunity and strengthens the entire body. This drink increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, because the iron content in it is much greater. than in some fruits and vegetables. Cocoa invigorating like coffee, improves mood and has a positive effect on heart health. Despite the limitations of the use of cocoa for those who have diseases of the pancreas, liver and kidney damage, cocoa should be consumed at least occasionally.

Sweet juicethe Juice is rich in vitamins and fructose, needed for energy. Besides, they are your main supplier of vitamin C which is an antioxidant maintains the beauty of skin, prevents premature aging, rejuvenates and strengthens the immune system. Especially useful juices of citrus fruits and red berries, their vitamin C content as possible.

YogurtHealth and beauty starts inside, and importantly, what is the state of your digestion. The kefir will have a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, colonize the intestines need bacteria, improve the condition of hair and skin, and prevent this unpleasant disease in women as thrush

Tomato juiceProperties of tomatoes have anti-cancer effects on the body has long been known. Thanks to the lycopene contained in tomato, you can have a powerful proactive support to the body from this disease. Drink a glass of juice a day is enough.

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