The doctors explained why you can not clean the ears with cotton sticks

Врачи объяснили, почему нельзя чистить уши ватным палочками

Hearing experts advise against the use of cotton swabs for ear cleaning, their use is undesirable, the amount of sulfur is only increasing. The researchers claim that the cleaning of the ears and directly to the internal part of the body it is better to avoid the use of cotton swabs produced by industry. The human auditory apparatus is directed downwards. Sulfur accumulates directly from the external auditory canal, writes the with reference to

It can be easy to remove soapy finger. Cotton swabs just push formed inside the enzyme, thus can be cork. Besides sticks with cotton wool can cause irritation sulfuric glands, activates its output. This passage is filled faster and can get clogged.

The ear is a complex organ, designed for the perception of sound waves of different frequencies. It is a paired structure located in the temporal bones of the skull. Human ears are limited to the outside sinks.

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