The doctors said, what the meat of most antibiotics

Врачи рассказали, в каком мясе больше всего антибиотиков

It is recommended to go with chicken for duck or Turkey.

Chicken, which is moving EN masse of the Ukrainians because of the high cost of beef, may be hazardous to health. The reason for this is the abundance of antibiotics that are fed to broiler chickens, according to the with reference to the news of Yu.

The human body suffers from the constant use of such meat.

According to the Institute of agricultural Economics, in the mid-2000s, chicken meat accounted for 38% of the total meat consumption. Now the share of chicken — almost half. During the year the average Ukrainian eats about 25 pounds of chicken.

“We get the table product, stuffed with antibiotics. Now medicine very serious problem is antibiotic resistance. We can pick up an infection and might need antibiotics. And if the person on the table broiler chicken regularly, the antibiotic simply will not work”, — said the nutritionist Alexander Kush.

To reduce the use of harmful meat, the nutritionist advised to go for the duck and the Turkey.

“There are birds that can not be broilers, for example Turkey, duck. No need to dismiss other types of protein — dairy products, eggs. And then share this broiler chicken can be significantly reduced, I think, if it will occur once or twice a week, the body will be able to cope,” — said Alexander Kush.

According to experts, there are more harmful substances in chicken accumulates in the skin, liver, and legs. And least in the brisket

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