The doctors shared a home way to get rid of cough and sputum

Медики поделились домашним способом избавления от кашля и мокроты

The ingredients for the recipe are in every home.Ginger has many medicinal properties. Here’s another great way with the help of his bring out sputum from the lungs. Cough you can’t run, so it is not passed into the chronic form, the specialists told about effective compress at night, reports the with reference to

Cough can torture a child or an adult day and night. Doctors often in this case prescribed a sweet syrup, after which there are a number of side effects. Often in pharmaceutical preparations contain several key components codeine and dextromethorphan, which can cause the patient pain, headaches, sleep problems and chronic migraine.

There are products that can help combat a cough without any side symptoms. These products you can find in your kitchen.

To prepare ginger compress ponadobitsya;olive oil;flour;fresh grated ginger;a napkin.

All the ingredients must be mixed, and ginger to grate, after applied to the cloth (fabric) wrapping it with a strip of gauze, so as not to harm the skin. The compress must be put in the chest or back and attach, you can use medical tape. An adult can put this tool on the night. This remedy enhances sweating. Such a compress to put before bed, 3 hours.

Ancestors have always known properties of ginger and have always used it in treatment of many diseases. For very severe cough, you can combine ginger with honey. It is important to check the body for the presence of allergic reactions to these components.

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