The doctors suggested what foods can protect against diabetes

Врачи подсказали, какие продукты могут защитить от диабета

Doctors told why you need to eat jelly.Cheese, yoghurt and other fat dairy products reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes of the 2nd type.

To such conclusion experts from the University of Cambridge after a meta-analysis of 16 studies over the last 20 years, which was attended by 63 600 people, according to the with reference to Know.

The volunteers examined the indicators of consumption of dairy products. All participants of the studies were healthy people, but over time, the excess of 15 100 observed later was diagnosed with diabetes 2-type.

Doctors have compared the effect of biomarkers of milk fat on the risk of developing diabetes of the 2nd type. People whose intake was present dairy products are less likely to suffer from disease. The researchers took into account other possible factors: age, gender, race, socioeconomic status, physical activity and the presence of overweight.

“We understand that our work has some limitations and requires further study of the basic mechanisms. However, the available data on milk fat do not indicate any increased risk of developing diabetes of the 2nd type,” said Dr. Fumiaki Imamura (Fumiaki Imamura).

According to the researchers, they have not yet managed to establish which of the dairy products most useful.

In the future, the researchers hope to find out how different types of dairy products influences the development of diseases.

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