The doctors told how much salt can be eaten without harm to health

Врачи рассказали, сколько соли можно съесть без вреда для здоровья

Scientists have found a daily intake of salt that will not harm a person.A group of scientists from the Institute of research of population health in Canada, analyzed part of the data collected in the framework of the ongoing large observational study Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) defined the maximum amount of salt that can be used without harm to health.

It is reported by the with reference to the Angle.

Experiment PURE covers of 95.7 thousand People at the age from 35 to 70 years in 18 countries and is engaged in studying the food habits of people and their impact on health.

The results showed that the upper limit of safe quantity consumed of salt is 12.5 g per day (2.5 teaspoons). Scientists say that problems with the cardiovascular system leads only exceeding this figure. Not less harmful and inadequate salt intake. Moderate consumption, on the contrary, reduces the risk of heart attack.

It should be noted that the who considers normal daily sodium intake for a healthy person, 2 grams per day, which corresponds to 5 g of salt or it teaspoon. As noted by canadian researchers, these rules are not respected anywhere in the world. A minimum level of consumption in the analysed communities is 3 g sodium per day.

Recall that the amount of salt in the diet affects the onset of puberty. As the researchers found, is equally bad as an excess of salt, and a complete rejection of it.

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