The doctors told me how I “clean” the stomach and hips in two weeks

Врачи подсказали, как "убрать" живот и бока за две недели

A simple exercise that will bring you closer to the figure of dreams.After yoga became menestrina, vacuum for belly loved and professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.

The fact that this is a simple but very effective exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles, writes the with reference to elle.

Engaging in just two minutes a day, soon you will receive several fitness bonuses:

The decrease waist. And very impressive from two to ten centimeters.Strengthening abdominal muscles and shaping beautiful relevancy massage the internal organs by increasing blood flow. Due to this, during execution of the vacuum actively burned dangerous visceral fat, which accumulates around the organs. Rare training is able to reach such a deep fat layers.Cleansing the body by removing toxins (again, due to the stimulation of blood circulation).

A gradual decrease in the volume of the stomach, due to which soon you will deliberately reduce the portions of food on a plate – the same number will seem huge.

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