The doctors were surprised to see the ultrasound of the baby in the womb

Врачи удивились, увидев этот снимок УЗИ ребенка в утробе

On the left side of the photo noticed a strange object resembling a hand.

A Reddit user shared a frightening ultrasound with readers of the site. Friends of the author of the post waiting for a new family member, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

First, they do strange and frightening did not see, however, later, when looked up, noticed a strange hand, or rather, the brush with the thumb. Hand hugged the child. According to the father, it is similar to the hand of his deceased mother.

Below the attached the scanned picture. Mysterious third hand you can observe from the left edge of the photo. The grandmother of the child died a few years ago. She had fingers, which managed to identify her presence.

When the father saw the extremity of her mother, then immediately calmed down. Netizens pointed out the improbability of the image. However, according to them, the baby looks scary with white eyes, staring directly into the frame, he looks like a demon.

Skeptics felt that on the left is part of the placenta, not the hand. Others have considered the somehow Intrusive.

Врачи удивились, увидев этот снимок УЗИ ребенка в утробе

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