The domestic cat was infected the owner of the dangerous infection

Домашняя кошка заразила хозяина опасной инфекцией

A man complained of prolonged fever.

This terrifying scenario was recently published in the medical journal, which described in detail how a sick cat gave its owner a rare disease called Francisella tularensis, according to the with reference to the Commander in chief.

The doctors said that 68-year-old patient complained to the doctor for a week-long fever, after which inflamed and swelled the whole right cheek.

It is reported that the victim’s cat died of feline leukemia about two days before ill of her master. Now experts suspect that the cat was also infected with Francisella tularensis. They believe that the disease was transmitted, when a man tried to treat the animal.

“It is obvious that the process of treatment the cat was in close contact, which was accompanied by bites and scratches enough for F. tularensis infected person,” the report said.

Fortunately, after intensive treatment, the person is fully recovered.

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