The dominance of the “Russian world” is too obvious in Kyiv

Засилие "русского мира" слишком очевидно в самом Киеве

Actor and volunteer Miroslav guy complained about the dominance of Russian music in Kiev.

“Some kind of invasion of the Russian music in Kiev. First went to the downtown cafe city. Good cafes. Always loved him. Screaming Russian music. Moreover, if as good. To put something else refused, they say playing on the street. Cussed, I confess, gone,” – he wrote in Facebook.

“Moved to a nearby restaurant, Sandwich bar FreshLine – it is necessary to have Breakfast. Again, Moscow, the base pop. Ask the girl behind the bar, not something else to put? The answer infuriated me is music from my phone, and Ukrainian ninave I… I’m not even listening,” – said the guy.

“One conclusion that we have to work hard to recapture the impact of the Russian world. Trade with the occupier will stop when we, consciously stop using its products. In particular, cultural”, – the volunteer speaks.

Засилие "русского мира" слишком очевидно в самом Киеве